RL96A-T31 3 Sided Integrated Rocklock Tombstone Aluminium

(mounting: 96mm Rocklock Pull Studs)

  • 96mm 3 sided integrated Rocklock tombstone
  • size: Ø 200 x 250mm
  • material: aluminium
  • mounting: 96mm includes 4 x PS20F pull studs
  • can be mounted on any 96mm Rocklock base
£2,839.00 tax 20% excl.



The drawing you have downloaded is a simplified version that does not show internal mechanism, chamfers, and manufacturing holes, etc.

The simplified model is provided to help lighten up the simulation done on CAM and layout of the system.

Please take a look at the 2D drawing if you need a tolerance for the locating holes or correct dimensions of inner surfaces.

If you are having problems finding what you are looking for please give us a call on 07368 547187 as the item may not be listed on our website at present